TFK Cooking Show opened its doors at the Brookfield location in January 2011 with the goal of sharing with others how to prepare healthy meals for their families. Our fun and entertaining cooking shows include tips and techniques to enhance the flavor and nutrition of foods prepared in our homes. We believe the single most important action each of us can take to improve our family’s health is to prepare meals at home and enjoy together.

As our business grew, we asked for feedback from our guests. We began adding specific cooking classes to satisfy our guest's needs. They include pressure cooking, wok cooking, and vegetarian cooking classes.  Due to the need of our community, our Registered Dietitian added a carb-counting cooking class, called 'Create Your Plate' for managing specific health concerns including diabetes, heart health, and weight control.


Start Feeling Better by Cooking Better

Attend our introductory TFK Cooking Show and Dinner today! 


What Guests Have to Say


With 4 boys and a busy life, dinner was often the last thing on my mind. After attending a TFK cooking show, I started using the cookware and the techniques they shared with us. I’ve found cooking to take less time, we are saving a ton on our grocery bill and the boys are finally eating their vegetables!

Ann and Brian S.

The TFK Cooking Show is a thoroughly enjoyable experience with important information on nutritional, tasteful meal preparation. We highly recommend attending as the cooking show was worthwhile and fun.

Rose and Gerry V.

As a fitness trainer, I am always trying to help my clients eat healthier. I learned so much at a TFK cooking show that I can't wait to share with them! Not only did TFK do a great job demonstrating how to choose the right foods, they showed us how to prepare them in a way that retains nutrients & that tastes AMAZING! I'm going to recommend that all my clients give TFK a try.

Tamara G.

We liked that the dinner at the cooking show was healthy and the flavors were great.

Nick and Kelly

We really enjoyed ourselves last night! I'm not much of a salad eater and I especially never eat dressings, cabbage, etc just because it's not my taste. But I HAVE to know what was in that salad. It was so delicious. Thanks!

Eric and Shelby

It was a fun night out, learned alot and the dinner and wine were great too.

April and Brett


We came in on a Packer Sunday and can't wait to use our pressure cooker.

Melissa and Sean 

We had a great time at the cooking class and learned new ways to cook and eat healthier.

Dave and Karen

The TFK cookware is helping us cook healthier- veggies have never tasted so good. The free cooking classes after purchase are invaluable for tips on how to use the products- and we leave full of good food! There is no pressure to buy more products at any of these classes and we learn so much. No buyer's remorse here!!! 

Mark and Debbie



Stephanie made the presentation enjoyable and informative. Her enthusiasm for the products and for cooking shined throughout the show. We learned a few new tidbits about our cookware, but learned about new items to add to our wishlist.All in all, it was a fun afternoon learning how to get more out of our cookware.

Jerry K

We had such a great experience at the cooking show! The cookware we bought is amazing. It was such a good investment. We are now cooking with less heat, less time, and our dinners are so much healthier. They even offer a cooking class to make sure you know how to use the cookware properly. The staff is really friendly and always happy to answer any questions we have. I would definitely recommend TFK Cooking Show.

Jessica Rains

If you've never been to a cooking show before, I would highly recommend going to TFK Cooking Show. Learning how to cook clean and healthy was the best "take-a-way"experience for me. The saying, "less is more", is so true when cooking with TFK's amazing products. Learning how to cook with very little or no water was very intriguing to me.

With the great cooking advice I received from Craig at TFK, I was able to make my son an amazing steak and potato dinner using the Grill Pan. I've never been good with cooking steak before, I guess I always overcooked it. I followed Craig's instructions and the steak was so tender and juicy. The following night, I made chicken. Again, it was the most juicy and perfect chicken I have ever made.

I am looking forward to bringing my sister and a few of my friends back to TFK, so they can experience the amazing cooking advice and products available. Kudos to Craig and Stephanie for sharing their knowledge of cooking to the rest of us. Hugs to everyone at TFK Cooking Show. Thank you again.

Lisa Ward

TFK is great. Their cookware definitely lives up to the standards TFK set. We have not been disappointed with the quality in any way. TFK also has a very friendly, personal, and honest relationship with their customers and are dedicated to ensuring that we are well taken care of. Definitely recommend.

Olivia Pilon

Thank you so much for reaching out to me. I am getting married on Friday and have been so busy with the final details. I would like to stop in this weekend or possibly next weekend to replace my pan and I would love to schedule a cooking class. I will take a look at our schedule.Thank you so much for your wonderful customer service. It means so much to me! I am always telling everyone about the wonderful pans. I am so happy I made the investment.

Have a great day!

Rachael Dotson


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