The All in One is a versatile cooker to begin with, but increasing your collection of accessories for use within the AIO allow you to expand your repertoire of pressure cooking techniques, which in turn enable you to create more diverse recipes. Below is a compilation of accessories that are compatible with the TFK All in One, along with a description of the accessory and a direct link for purchase on Amazon.

Metal Steaming Rack


Provides a means for you to raise up food that you are cooking from liquid below (i.e. roast or chicken), as well as used as stand to keep a secondary accessory from touching the bottom of the cooker (i.e. bowl or pan).Foil Sling

Made using your favorite brand of heavy duty foil.

Provides you an easy method of lowering and lifting a bowl or pan into your AIO that is handleless. When using just center the bowl, then grasp an end in each hand, close to the bowl. Once the sling and bowl are placed carefully in the cooker, fold the foil down when cooking, and open when removing.Steamer Basket

OXO Good Grips Steamer


Provides a holder for food that you are cooking via steam. This recommended silicone holder, is heat proof and safe to use within our AIO, as it will not scratch the surface. If additional height is needed between your food and the liquid within the cooker, use your rack to elevate your steamer basket.Heat Proof Bowl

Anchor Glass Bowl


Provides a method of cooking food that is unable to placed in a steamer basket either because it is too fine or contains liquid (i.e. batter or custard). This bowl should be placed either within a steamer basket or on a trivet, so that it sits above the cooking liquid. It is best if this bowl has handles, but a foil sling can always be used alternatively. Bowls that work best include Pyrex, heat-proof glass, ceramic, stainless steel, aluminum, and silicone.Ramekins

Bellamaine Porcelain Ramekins


Provides a means to cook individual portions. Similarly to the heat proof bowl, this bowl should be made of oven proof glass, ceramic, stainless steel, aluminum or silicone. Ramekins should be used in conjunction with a steamer basket, but this basket should be able to accommodate 4 to 6 depending on the size. If your steamer basket does not have handles you will need a long tongs to remove the ramekins from the cooker.

Foil PacketsProvides a way to cook an assortment of food together at the same time, especially  if you have foods cooking together where some foods cook faster than others. Make a small foil packet in which to place the food. 

Additional Items

7 inch Springform Pan $11.45 // 7 inch Round Pan $14 // 7 inch Square pan $12.99


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